Pornhub's Thanksgiving Search Trends Get Weird With "Thanksgiving Blow Job" and "Walmart"

Pornhub released its top Thanksgiving search trends.

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Not everyone is getting wishboned this Thanksgiving and for those people there's Pornhub to the rescue. After a viewing of Thankskilling (a very real movie about a demonic turkey) puts people in the mood, they'll be searching for all kinds of Thanksgiving-related sex stuffing to choke the chicken turkey to until they've had their fill.

In time for tomorrow's holiday, Pornhub has released a Thanksgiving study revealing Turkey Day's top search trends from 2014, state-by-state traffic on the day and more. However what it doesn't reveal, as Cosmopolitan's bemused Emma Barker wrote, is what defines a Thanksgiving blow job. "Is it, like, a blow job with a side of cranberry sauce?" she asks. "A blow job dipped in gravy?" It's a stretch, but maybe it's less imaginative than that and it's just a blow job that takes place on Thanksgiving? Well, before I kill the mood, here are the top searches:

Overall site traffic dropped 12.7 percent on Thanksgiving last year. In the state by state traffic measurements New Hampshire’s traffic dropped the most on the day.

 You can check how the rest of the study went down here

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