Common Cast as Villain in Keanu Reeves' 'John Wick' Sequel

The 'John Wick' sequel casts Common as a villain.

Common’s villainous streak on the big screen will go on beyond next year’s explosive Suicide Squad. The Hollywood Reporter has exclusively learned that he’s been cast to play the Big Bad in the Keanu-Reeves-starring John Wicksequel.  

2014’s John Wick saw Reeves as the titular Wick, a former hitman who returns to his old ways in order to seek vengeance against the gangsters who beat him and kill his dog, a gift from his dying wife. 

The sequel, with Chad Stahelsk in the director’s chair once again, will have Common playing, “a head of security for a female crime lord,” according to THR. Details about the sequel's plot are unknown. 

Next for Common, besides Suicide Squad, is Spike Lee’s upcoming musical comedy Chiraq, co-starring Samuel L. Jackson and Jennifer Hudson.

[via THR]

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