Watch the Official First Trailer for 'Suicide Squad' (Updated)

Watch the new trailer for 'Suicide Squad' released at Comic-Con.

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As The Joker usually does in pretty much everything he makes an appearance in, Jared Leto's incarnation of the homicidal maniac supervillain stole the show in a new Suicide Squad trailer that debuted at Comic Con on Saturday. 

First came the batshit-crazy offscreen cackling that drew the biggest cheers thus far of the whole trailer, before Leto appears on screen in full Joker makeup, looks straight into the camera, and says (to someone, we don't know who), "I'm just gonna hurt ya, really, really bad."

A few of the other things spotted in the trailer:

- Batman clinging to the roof of a speeding car as his cape flaps in the wind. 

- Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) acting sexy-insane, insane, and insanely sexy as she does some prison cell acrobatics, chews gum and licks a bar. 

- Deadshot (Will Smith) hitting a punching bag in prison, suggesting the group is "some kind of Suicide Squad," and throwing out the line "let's go save the world."

The whole thing is set to one of those slow, operatic scores that trailers use to make things feel epically dramatic, but we'll forgive that and say this trailer was nearly perfect anyway. 

Update: 7/13/15: Warner Bros. has officially released the first trailer. Watch it below: 

[via Kotaku]

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