‘Better Things’ Star Pamela Adlon is Everyone’s Mom: Listen to Episode 19 of 'Watch Less'

'Better Things' star Pamela Adlon talks Season 4 of her FX series, as well as working with Sterling K. Brown on this season of 'This Is Us'.

COVID19 might be shutting down the world as we know it (get better soon, Tom and Rita), but that rona can’t stop the pod. Pamela Adlon, Emmy-winning actress and voiceover maven, joins this week to talk about the journey she embarked on to get to the fourth season of her critically acclaimed FX series Better Things, as well as what it was like getting to work with Sterling K. Brown on This Is Us. Frazier and Khal also take a look at how coronavirus has put a chokehold on Hollywood, messing up everything from release dates to the production of your favorite films and TV shows. Stay safe out there.

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