6 Gadgets Eminem Doesn't Know How To Use

Em is still behind on the times.

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Eminem, despite having a huge impact on hip-hop culture, is really starting to show his age. No, it's not because of his clothes; the dude still has style. And no, it's not because of his music; Em still has rhymes. It's, rather, the way he hasn't adopted all of the technology we all use, practically everyday. Or, if it's not that, it's the, say, unique ways he chooses to use some of the other gadgets we use more traditionally. So, what technology causes Slim Shady to get mad? Here are the 6 Gadgets Eminem Doesn't Know How to Use. Now don't feel bad about teaching your mother how to use Facebook.

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In 2010 Eminem said, “If I learn how (to use a computer), I’m going to be on that bitch all day looking at comments about me, and it’s going to drive me crazy.”

And he's probably better off for it. 

He drops the hammer on computers again in his song, "So Far..."

My apologies, no disrespect to technology
But what the heck is all of these buttons?
You expect me to sit here and learn that?
Fuck I gotta do to hear this new song from Luda? Be an expert at computers?


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With PlayStation 4 and Xbox One right around the corner, you'd think Em would have hopped on a next gen video game console a long time ago, but it seems like he'd rather stick to A + B combos from the old Nintendo games. 

From "So Far..."

I'd rather be an encyclopedia Britannica, hell with a Playstation
I'm still on my first man on some Zelda
Nintendo, bitch, run, jump, punch, stab and I melt the
Mozzarella on my spaghetti, put in on bread


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Okay, so Em knows how to use an elevator, and has probably used more than most people in his life, bouncing around from studio to studio, interview to interview. But in his song, "Elevator," he kind of pushes the use of an elevator to another level.

Then I shove 'em in the elevator, take 'em to the top
Stand above em,just to cut the fucking cable, let 'em drop
Walk an hour to the damn refrigerator, get a pop
While I let 'em fall all the way to the basement yelling stop!


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The hipster in Slim still opts to use a discman instead of an MP3 player, unlike 90 percent of the American population out there—and about 100 percent of American celebrities. Yeah, it must suck rolling around all those CDs (his collection must have ballooned in the past 10 years since the iPod first debuted), but hats off to him for sticking to his guns.

The Internet

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Back in a 2009 interview, Complex's Editor-in-Chief Noah Callahan-Bever opened up Em to the world of Internet porn. Before then, he hadn't known about the online free porn movement that started near the end of the 90s. This was literally out of a scene from Family Guy.

Check out an excerpt from the interview below:

So you're saying you still buy porn on DVD, then?
Eminem: Um... 
PR: There's a lot of free porn on the Internet, I think, is what Noah's trying to tell you.
Eminem: Oh, is there? Maybe I should go on the Internet. 

[Laughs.] There's something called Spankwire...
Eminem: What? Spankwire? 

Imagine a YouTube of pornography.
Eminem: Really?! I know what I'm doing for the rest of the day when this shit is over. [Laughs.] You can look up anything? 

Eminem: Nostril fucking? 

Maybe so. It's like, any genre or actress—
Eminem: I have to go back and look at my pornos because there's a couple chicks that really— 

Changed your life? 
Eminem: Yeah. [Laughs.]

Wow, Complex just put Eminem on to streaming porn. I'd like to apologize to music fans around the world now.
Eminem: If my album doesn't come out, it's Noah's fault. [Laughs.]

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