Christopher Reeve, the Backstreet Boys, and Monica Lewinsky, be warned: There's a new Eminem album out in stores today, and none of you are safe.

Actually, nobody existing within pop culture's wide-spanning radar is impervious to Marshall Mathers' lyrical wrath.

The music industry's most playful jab artist, Eminem is back in top form on The Marshall Mathers LP 2, paying homage to his classic 2000 record The Marshall Mathers LP by returning to that album's dexterous blend of bare-knuckle MCing and unfiltered, personal revelations. In regards to the former, Em spends six minutes embarrassing damn near every other person who's ever written a rhyme on the monstrous verbal exhibition "Rap God." On the more introspective side, he's eased off on lambasting his mother, finally, now directing his vitriol towards the father listeners have heard little about up until now. And, for nostalgia's sake, on the phenomenal opening track, "Bad Guy," he introduces us to the equally demented brother of "Stan," that obsessed, tragic fan from his 2000 single.

Amidst all the lyrical acrobatics and closet-cleaning, of course, are the many, many shots fired at your favorite celebrities and metaphors incorporating everything from Star Wars to the Brothers Grimm. All of which have been compiled here—behold Every Pop Culture Reference on The Marshall Mathers LP 2, including call-outs to movies, TV, national news stories, and politics.

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