Peacock Shares ‘Joe vs Carole’ Teaser Starring Kate McKinnon Highlighting ‘Tiger King’ Feud

Peacock has shared the first teaser for its limited series 'Joe vs Carole,' a scripted adaptation of Wondery’s 'Joe Exotic: Tiger King' podcast.

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Peacock has shared the official teaser for its upcoming Tiger King-inspired show Joe vs Carole.

Starring Kate McKinnon as Carole Baskin and John Cameron Mitchell as Joe Exotic, the show follows Baskin as she finds out Exotic is making money from breeding and mistreating big cats. When she tries to shut down his enterprise, it provokes a tug-of-war, with Joe insisting Carole is no angel herself.

The eight-episode series is a scripted adaptation of the second season of Wondery’s Joe Exotic: Tiger King podcast. Joe vs Carole is set to debut on Peacock on March 3, with a cast rounded out by Kyle MacLachlan (as Baskin’s husband), Nat Wolff, William Fichtner, and Dean Winters.

Joe vs Carole is a wild ride,” showrunner/executive producer Etan Frankel told Entertainment Weekly. “I hope that when people watch Joe vs Carole, just maybe, they’ll see these people that they thought they knew in a brand new way. We knew it would take two extraordinary actors to portray these larger-than-life people as the complex, three-dimensional individuals that they are.”

He added, “John Cameron Mitchell is one of the most gifted and thoughtful actors I’ve ever worked with. ... And Kate McKinnon is simply remarkable. … It was an absolute thrill to watch these two exceptional actors morph into these roles.” 

Watch the teaser for Peacock’s Joe vs Carole up top.

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