Multiple Netflix Series Will Now Drop Episodes Weekly Instead of All at Once

Netflix will release weekly episodes of its programs 'The Great British Baking Show' and 'Rhythm & Flow.'


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Netflix is looking to switch up its binge release method.

While the streaming giant is almost always known to release an entire season of a show at once—permitting viewers to watch the whole thing in one sitting or pace themselves—Netflix has decided to release some series on a weekly basis, ComicBook reports.

The next season of The Great British Baking Show—its seventh batch of episodes—is the first show to implement the new weekly treatment. Currently only one installment from the new collection is available to watch, with the program showing dates for upcoming episodes. Viewers can keep up with the reality competition as they would on regular cable.

Netflix’s new show Rhythm & Flow will also receive the same treatment. Featuring T.I. Cardi B, and Chance the Rapper as judges, the rap competition will be released in groups every week. The first four episodes will drop on Oct. 9, then episodes 5-7 will air Oct. 16, and the season will wrap with episodes 8-10 on Oct. 23. The series aims to find the next big hip-hop artist with the help of T.I., Chance, and Cardi.

Netflix stipulates that “weekly release of licensed titles (like Great British Baking Show) isn't new and in hopes of keeping Rhythm + Flow's winner a surprise, we're trying something new! But not happening with more shows than that.”

Hulu has employed a similar method throughout the years, releasing the first three episodes of a series during the first week, and then going to a weekly release schedule afterward.

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