Watch Kieran Culkin Surprise ‘Succession’ Dad Brian Cox During Photo Shoot

While Cox was being photographed with Emily Blunt for an interview, his TV son snuck up with a big hug.

Getty/Michael Kovac/Mike Coppola

Kieran Culkin can’t get enough of his former Succession costar Brian Cox—oh, and Emily Blunt.

Variety posted a video of Culkin dropping in unannounced at Cox and Blunt’s "Actors on Actors" shoot for the publication. The clip shows Culkin, 40, hugging Cox, 77, and Blunt and joking around with them.

“How are you? Are you grumpy today or are you good?” Culkin asks Cox.

“I’m not grumpy,” he confirms.

Blunt then comments on Culkin’s facial hair asking, “Is the beard new?” Culkin quips about growing it because he’s “unemployed” and how his “wife hates it.”

Kieran Culkin crashes Brian Cox and Emily Blunt's #ActorsOnActors photoshoot 📸

— Variety (@Variety) June 9, 2023

Variety also shared photos of all three of them at the shoot.

The magazine published Culkin’s own "Actors on Actors" piece with Fleishman Is in Trouble star Claire Danes today. Kieran commented on working with Cox, saying, “He can be a scary guy. Not to me—I can approach him as an adult. But for whatever reason, in character, I feel like I’m 7 with him.”

Culkin also discussed the last season of Succession, revealing that showrunner and writer Jesse Armstrong didn’t know it was going to be the end.

“[Armstrong] told me before the season started that he thinks this is the end, but he doesn’t know. I’d actually stopped asking what was coming later. And that was the thing: I liked it," Culkin recalled. "I liked not knowing! And then this year, he mentioned that it might be the end before we started shooting, so I started asking him questions. … And he explained the entire season to me. And then when he got to the end, I said, ‘Well, that seems like that’s the end of the show.’”

Variety's latest batch of conversations also includes Jenna Ortega with Elle Fanning, Diego Luna with Hayden Christensen, and Jennifer Coolidge with Jeremy Allen White.

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