Jordan Peele-Hosted 'The Twilight Zone' Shares First Trailer

The trailer for Jordan Peele’s 'Twilight Zone' reboot is here, along with a premiere date.

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The trailer for Jordan Peele’s The Twilight Zone reboot is here, along with an April 1 premiere date.

CBS All Access shared the trailer on Thursday, a montage of peculiar and eerie scenes from the forthcoming series. Peele will host the redux of the iconic science fiction show, which used fictional settings and speculative situations to explore current events and human nature. The revamp looks like it will also delve into those same themes.

As host, Peele will provide introductory narration before each story, much in the same way creator/writer Rod Serling did decades before. Peele is also the new series’ executive producer.

In October, CBS shared a video announcing the start of production while celebrating the original run. Clips from landmark episodes played under a narration that painted a line directly between Serling's groundbreaking work and the new show

The Twilight Zone is far from Peele's only iron in the fire right now. He’s producing the new series Lovecraft Country for HBO, and most notably, he's writing and directing his second horror feature film, titled Us. Though details on the film are sparse, we do know it’s about a vacationing family being stalked by its doppelgangers. Us is slated for release on March 22.

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