The new revamp of The Twilight Zone starring Jordan Peele has officially started production, 59 years to the day after Rod Serling's important and influential series made its debut. 

CBS All Access shared a video announcing the start of production on the new run of episodes while celebrating the original run. Clips from landmark episodes played under a narration that painted a line directly between Serling's groundbreaking series and the new run slated for 2019. 

Much like the original series, Peele is the driving force behind the reboot as well as its host. He is both the new series' executive producer and will provide introductory narration before each given story much in the same way that Serling did decades before him. 

The original Twilight Zone did what all good science fiction does, using fictional settings and speculative situations to explore current events and human nature. While they weren't above a creature feature or a straight-up spooky episode, most of their best-remembered episodes dealt not with the outside threat of some alien force, but the unique ways in which people could harm each other. 

Given that Jordan Peele is fresh off of a much-lauded horror film in which the typical ghost or undead slasher is played by the idea of institutionalized racism, he's a perfect fit for the high-brow concepts in a low-brow genre package that were the original series' bread and butter. 

The Twilight Zone is far from Peele's only iron in the fire right now. He has several interesting projects coming, most seemingly playing around in the genre sandbox. He has a comedic sci-fi series coming to YouTube, a Nazi hunter series coming to Amazon, and a full-length thriller called Us.