PROMO: 50 Cent and Naturi Naughton Prep 'Power' Fans for Season 6: 'It's Jail or Death'

For fans of STARZ’s hit show 'Power,' it’s all come down to one final betrayal, but what's that means for the show’s two biggest characters: Tommy and Ghost?

power season6 promo

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power season6 promo

For fans of STARZ’s hit show Power, it’s all come down to one final betrayal. After the jaw-dropping finale episode of season 5, fans have been eagerly waiting to see if **spoiler alert** Angela is alive or not, and what that means for the show’s two biggest characters: Tommy and Ghost. The final season is airing now and is sure to be packed with more edge-of-your-seat moments.

If you’re a diehard fan, it’s not completely over as STARZ programming president Carmi Zlotnik announced in a statement that there are potential spinoffs in the works: “Courtney Kemp and 50 Cent have created a world rich with complex and dynamic characters, and there are a number of stories we plan to tell as we continue to explore and expand the Power universe.”

We spoke to Power stars 50 Cent and Naturi Naughton in Barcelona, Spain, ahead of the show’s release in that region.

“Ghost realizes there’s no ‘old folks home’ for the drug business,” says 50. “It’s either jail or death, and this whole time he’s been looking for a way out of it.” Unlike Scarface—which 50 Cent says is a movie about “trust issues”—the characters in Power aren’t necessarily trying to do what Tony Montana did and climb to the top of the drug world ladder, instead, they’re simply trying to survive.

In all five seasons, there wasn’t a character who had as much development as Naturi Naughton’s Tasha. From season one, she encouraged her husband, Ghost, to become the “best drug dealer in New York City”—despite his obvious desperation to retire from that life.

As we enter season six, we see Tasha step into the forefront of the entire drug business. “Tasha is fearless,” says Naughton. “She made the choice to be a part of the lifestyle, unlike someone like Carmela Soprano, who turned a complete blind eye to everything.”

“She’s been a part of things she really shouldn’t have been a part of,” 50 adds. “She was aware of stuff that you shouldn’t actually tell your woman.”

Season six will be the first season—**spoiler alert**—50 Cent will not take part in acting, but he will make his directorial debut along with his executive producer credits.

You can watch every season of Power now only on STARZPLAY, available in Spain on the Apple TV App, Orange TV, or Vodafone.

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