Sydney Sweeney Recounts What Her Grandparents Said After Seeing ‘Euphoria' Nude Scenes

24-year-old actress Sydney Sweeney said she had invited her family to the 'Euphoria' premiere, but forgot to warn them about her nude scenes.

Sydney Sweeney attends the 2022 Vanity Fair Oscar Party

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Sydney Sweeney attends the 2022 Vanity Fair Oscar Party

During a recent appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, 24-year-old Euphoria star Sydney Sweeney was asked about her family’s reactions to the hit HBO show—specifically her racy, topless scenes.

“So for the premiere, I invited my entire family and I didn’t really think about [the nude scenes],” Sweeney told DeGeneres. “I invited my grandparents, my uncles—I was like, ‘It’s a Hollywood premiere. You’ve got to come!’ And we were all sitting next to each other and [it was a] giant screen, like ginormous screen. I was on the floor [...] I wasn’t thinking. I was so excited.”

“And how were they with [the nudity]?” the host asked.

“They said I have the best tits in Hollywood,” Sweeney said with a smirk, before pointing to her grandmother in the audience.

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Though Sweeney’s grandparents were seemingly unfazed by her NSFW scenes, her father was apparently left “scarred” after watching the series premiere. The actress opened up about the incident during an interview with The Telegraph this year, revealing her dad hasn’t watched the show ever since.

“So my dad is a little scarred, because for whatever reason I forgot to tell him what Euphoria was about,” she admitted. “And then the first season came out, and he sat to watch it with his parents, my grandparents! And the first scene is … well … I think he made it to the point where I was slammed down on the bed and he has refused to turn it back on.”

Euphoria’s season 2 finale aired at the end of last month, reportedly drawing more than 6.6 million viewers across HBO platforms. The Emmy-winning series has been picked up for a third season, but HBO has yet to announce a premiere date.

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