'Deadpool' Star Wants to See an Onscreen Battle Between Colossus and Thanos

We'd place our bets on the Mad Titan.

If actor Stefan Kapičić had his way, Josh Brolin would have two roles in the next Deadpool sequel.

During a recent press event in London, Kapičić revealed he would enjoy seeing his Deadpool character Colossus go head-to-head with Brolin’s Thanos, arguably the greatest villain within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Though it’s a cool idea, there are two major problems with this potential battle: 1) Colossus and the Mad Titan exist in completely different universes; and 2) Brolin already stars in Deadpool as the time-traveling Cable. Kapičić is confident there’s a way to work around these plot hole concerns.

“I wanna’ fight Thanos, which would be weird because we have Thanos playing Cable. But you know, CGI can do a lot of stuff,” the 39-year-old actor told Screen Greek, before revealing other Colossus storylines he’d like to see. “I’m waiting for Colossus to meet his sister, Illyana, and New Mutants are coming next year, so I’m hoping you’ll have Rasputin’s back together in a movie. We will see what’s gonna happen, but I’m really counting on that. That would be really fantastic to see.”

The chance of seeing these on-screen connections heavily relies on studio deals, as the Avengers franchise is owned by Disney, while the Deadpool and X-Men franchises are owned by 21st Century Fox. If the studios finalize their deal, in which Disney would acquire major assets from Fox, there's a chance Kapičić's wishes will come true. Let's just hope Comcast doesn't mess up things up.

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