Keanu Reeves on Possibly Becoming a U.S. Citizen: 'Yeah, Man. Why Not?'

The Canadian actor expressed his interest during interview with Jimmy Kimmel, saying he has yet to become a U.S. citizen, despite living here for decades.

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Keanu Reeves isn’t opposed to becoming a U.S. citizen. In fact, he seems pretty excited about the idea.

The 58-year-old Canadian actor addressed the topic during a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Reeves, who was there to promote his new comic book BRZRKR, spoke about his early acting career and his decision to move from Toronto to Tinseltown.

“I came to Hollywood when I was 20. I drove in my car …” he said at the 9:11 mark. “I’ve been living here since 1985.”

“And, yet technically, you’re not a U.S. citizen,” the host pointed out, prompting Reeves to confirm he only had Canadian citizenship.  “You’re a Canadian, and you’ll always be a Canadian, but is that not something you’re interested in, being a U.S. citizen?” 

“Absolutely. Yeah, man, why not?” Reeves responded, before suggesting he send President Joe Biden a copy of BRZRKR to expedite the naturalization process.

Kimmel then reached under his desk and pulled out a stack of documents, claiming his team had gathered all the paperwork to apply for citizenship. The host then turned his direction to his Mexican-born sidekick Guillermo Rodriguez, who went through the same process before gaining citizenship in 2005.

“It’s real easy,” Rodriguez said. “You should do it.”

Kimmel then presented Reeves with a second option: “You and I could get married, if you wanted to. That would get you right in.”

“But you’re married,” Reeves replied. “You’d be a criminal, you’d be on the run, we’d have to be on the run, Jimmy.”

“I know, but I told her we might have to make some amendments to our constitution,” Kimmel explained. 

Though the John Wick star was clearly uninterested in tying the knot, Kimmel offered to host a special ceremony if and when he ever became a U.S. citizen. 

“And we’ll get all your favorite heroes,” Kimmel  said, “Captain America and Wonder Woman will come here, it’ll be very patriotic.”

You can check out the interview above.

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