Watch Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Give His Personal Custom Truck to Navy Vet

Johnson presented the gift during a special screening of his new film, 'Red Notice.' Video captured the vet's emotional reaction to the gesture.

Christmas came early for one Dwayne Johnson fan.

As pointed out by ABC7, the action star made a surprise appearance at a special screening of his upcoming film Red Notice. A video posted on social media shows Johnson in the Culver City movie theater, where he thanked and greeted audience members who selected by the film’s producers.

Johnson said he had “gathered as much information as I could about everyone in the audience,” but there was one fan whose story was particularly moving.

Johnson went on to call Navy veteran Oscar Rodriguez to the front, and then invited to go outside to receive a special gift.

“I also wanted to do something BIG… something MASSIVE… something unforgettable for one fan,” Johnson wrote on Instagram. “My original idea was to give away the Porsche Taycan, that I drive in the movie, Red Notice. So we reached out to Porsche, but they said no. But I still said, yes 😉 I’ll do one better. I’ll give away my personal custom truck as the gift. My baby.”

Video showed Johnson presenting Rodriguez with his Ford Raptor, prompting an emotional response from the personal trainer. 

Johnson said one of Rodriguez’s former co-workers had nominated him to attend the screening, and laid out some of the reasons why he deserved such an extravagant gift.

“He takes care of his 75 year old mom. Personal trainer. Leader at his church. Provides support and meals for women victimized by domestic violence. Proud & humble Navy veteran. Kind human being,” Johnson wrote.

Rodriguez reflected on the moment in his own Instagram post, which included photos of Johnson presenting him with the truck.

“All of my reactions are captured perfectly in these amazing shots,” he said. “And you even got my girl in there 😍 These photos are gems that I will keep for all my life and beyond. My kids, kids will hear about this! From my family and community to yours, Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas @therock.”

But Johnson wasn’t done with surprises. On Thanksgiving, he posted a video of himself pulling up to a Hollywood tour bus, and asking passengers if they had seen his house yet. When the crowd collectively shouted, “No,” Johnson jokingly responded with, “Good, keep it that way! Happy Thanksgiving!”


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