Abby De La Rosa on Her Open Relationship With Nick Cannon: 'I Love Where I'm At'

Abby De La Rosa addressed her polyamorous relationship on the 'Lovers and Friends' podcast, explaining it doesn't affect the kind of mother she is.

Radio personality Abby De La Rosa attends the REVOLT and AT&T Summit

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Radio personality Abby De La Rosa attends the REVOLT and AT&T Summit

Abby De La Rosa is addressing her open relationship with Nick Cannon.

The radio personality addressed the topic of polyamory during an appearance on the Lovers and Friends podcast with Shan Boodram. De La Rosa, who’s expecting her third child with the Wild ’N Out star, said she understands why some may disagree with non-monogamy, but insisted she’s not “being played,” as some seem to believe.

“Technically speaking, we all know about each other,” she said, referring to Cannon’s other girlfriends. “It’s just, how much do you want to know. How much are you choosing to know. I trust the connection that I have with Nick.”

The 31-year-old went on to say she’s currently “monogamous by choice” and that Cannon, 41, is her “primary” partner. However, she made it very clear she’s open to other relationships if there’s a connection.

“It doesn’t necessarily have to be sex,” she explained. “I think that’s what everybody always thinks: ‘Oh my god, you guys are having one big orgy.’ And it’s like, ‘Actually, no. It’s actually quite the opposite, and it’s beautiful…I think that people are so focused on what it is that they’re afraid of.”

De La Rosa went on to say her relationship with Cannon was not tied to her self-worth or self-esteem, nor has it negatively impacted her role as a mother.

“I become hypersensitive when people attack me and my motherhood,” she explained. “When it comes to being a mom, I don’t think I’ve even scratched the surface. Me being open in my relationship does not change or take away from the type of mother that I am to my kids and the wholeness that I am to them and the strength that I share with them.”

She also hopes she and Cannon can inspire their kids to take their own paths without fear of judgement.

“I’m excited for my kids to grow up and be like, ‘Mom and dad, y’all did it your way and I love that,’” she told Boodram. “I hope my kids can eventually do it their way, whatever that may be, in whatever capacity that is. To do it their way, not the way that the world wants them to do…to do it their way, the way mom and dad did.”

You can check out the full interview here below.

De La Rosa and Cannon welcomed twin boys back in summer 2021. The couple recently confirmed they were preparing to welcome another child together this fall, which will mark Cannon’s ninth baby. Several weeks ago, the TV host also announced he’s also expecting his third child with Brittany Bell

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