Teachers Accidentally Got Really High After Eating Mysterious Brownies Left in School Lounge

One teacher tested positive for marijuana at a hospital.

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Let this be a lesson: Don't eat brownies if you don't know where they came from. In a classic case of pot brownies being mistaken for real brownies, three teachers at a suburban Detroit elementary school were reportedly "sickened" (a.k.a. really, really high) after eating some mysterious brownies someone had left in the staff lounge. 

The Oakland County sheriff's department said deputies were called to Spring Mills Elementary School on Wednesday on a "tainted food" complaint. Apparently a teacher had eaten one of the brownies the day before, gotten sick, and tested positive for marijuana at a nearby hospital. Two other teachers reported feeling sick, but they didn't seek medical treatment.

Officers removed the brownies, tested them, and found they "contained the active ingredient marijuana." No shit. No one knows where the brownies came from, and police are working with the school to figure out if they were placed in the staff lounge intentionally or if someone brought them in by mistake. Those poor teachers—they just weren't ready.

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