A funeral should celebrate the life of a loved one, but for three senior citizens it proved to be an almost out of body experience in Huntington Beach, California.

The trio-all in their 70’s or 80’-was at a friend’s memorial service and unknowingly consumed weed brownies. Shortly after, they were rushed to a hospital after complaining of “nausea, dizziness, and [an] inability to stand unassisted.”

Police determined that brownies containing medical marijuana were served at the funeral, and all three senior citizens were just fine. The feds are already all over the state of California and its medical marijuana operation, so can you imagine what would happen if one of the three stoned seniors had passed away?

Still, it’s hilarious somebody passed out weed brownies at a funeral.  Considering that their fallen friend used to eat them, we suppose it’s only right.

[via KTLA]