School Children Stalked by Creepy Clown Gang

They've been told to go straight home after school.

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First creepy clowns were seen wandering the streets of California, then a clown seriously freaked out a couple in Chicago, and now sinister clowns are terrifying kids overseas. In what's either a sick joke or a very real attempt to give them nightmares for the rest of their lives, clowns in vans have been stalking school children in Kent. For the past two weeks some seriously disturbed individuals wearing clown masks have chased students home, followed them in vans, and approached them on the street, the Mirror reports

It might've started as a Halloween prank, but kids (understandably) freaked out, and concerned parents got the police involved. In an email to parents, the head teacher of Hillview School for Girls, Elaine Buchanan wrote: 

We are advising students to go straight home after school today and not to loiter about anywhere. We have also said that they should let their parents know their whereabouts and that we have informed you of the situation. Extra staffing will be outside of school when the students go home and we understand that the police will be active in the area.

Chief Inspector Dave Pate of Kent Police said the department is, "still working to establish whether any offenses have been committed." Apparently enacting a real-life version of American Horror Story, a.k.a. every kid's (and every adult's) worst nightmare, isn't enough to make arrests. 

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