Deadpool Uses Kanye West to Explain Why He Won't Host 'Saturday Night Live'

He's more influential than Barbara Bush, The Muppets, and the KIA Sorrento.

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Following the enormous success of Deadpool, which might topple Passion of the Christ as the highest-grossing R-rated movie of all time, fans of the lewd comic book character were thirsty for more—so thirsty, in fact, that they launched a petition for Deadpool (no, not Ryan Reynolds, but Deadpool himself) to host Saturday Night Live. If Donald Trumpcan do it, anyone's fair game, right?

Unfortunately Reynolds, speaking on Deadpool's behalf of course, has come out and said the character won't be hosting the show any time soon. Fortunately, because he is a creative genius, Reynolds let fans down in the most Deadpool way possible: by spoofing Kanye West'snow-infamous backstage SNL rant. Let's just say the list of things Deadpool is more influential than, including Barbara Bush, The Muppets, and shredded cheese, is much more impressive than Kanye's. He also threatens to break the Internet, sends a jab Rip Taylor's way, and puts X-Men Origins—and yes, Wolverine—on blast.

His stunt also serves as a reminder that, if you haven't seen Deadpool, you're probably the only one, so get your ass to a theater pronto. After all, it's Betty White'sfavorite movie of the year

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