Shia LaBeouf's Rat Tail Is Amazing

Shia LaBeouf was spotted rocking a rat tail hairstyle and a pierced eyebrow.

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Not Available Lead

Shia LaBeouf is either the coolest kid in the sixth grade (in 1997) or currently working on a movie in which he plays the coolest kid in the sixth grade (in 1997). 

The actor stepped out of the house this week rocking not only an exquisite, foot-long rat tail, but also a barbell-style eyebrow piercing. Just Jared reports that LaBeouf went to a vapor shop with his girlfriend Mia Goth, which makes sense, because the only way to accessorize a look like that one is with an e-cigarette. 


Unfortunately, the rat tail appears to be fake, unless he somehow grew it since that weird poem he recited for Sia at the Grammys (which was less than three weeks ago). 

Gotta say though, if the rat tail is for a role, we're 100 percent in for whatever this obviously insane movie is. As the old Hollywood saying which I just made up goes, rat tails equal box office. 



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