Pablo Escobar Probably Lost Billions in Cash From Rats Eating it

Pablo Escobar had so much cash, he barely noticed the billions he lost due to rats, water damage, and misplacing it.

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As if you need any more proof that Pablo Escobar's life was like a movie, there's a scene from Bad Boys 2 that matches up nicely with a true story about the notorious cocaine kingpin's life. 

Escobar apparently lost about 10 percent of his cash, just due to the dumb logistics of having sooo much cash, according to an account in his brother Roberto Escobar's book, The Accountant's Story

In the book he claims that those cash losses were written off due to water damage, rats eating it, or just flat-out losing track of it. 

Remind you of the drug lord Johnny Tapia played by Jordi Mollà from the first Bad Boys sequel? The one who found rats eating his millions and said the only sensible thing you could say in that situation...

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"This is a stupid f*cking problem to have."

Business Insider did the math, and with estimates putting Escobar's income at $420 million a week at one point, that's about $2.1 billion that vanished, and Escobar didn't even care. 


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