The streets have been clamoring for a Bad Boys threequel for a decade now, ever since Will Smith, Martin Lawrence, and Michael Bay colluded to make one of the best action films of all time (Bad Boys 2, of course). As Michael Bay moved on to robots, Will fell back, and Martin fell off, it began to seem like a pipe dream. But now, not only is Bad Boys 3 really, truly happening, there's also a fourth right behind it. Long live Hollywood's franchise thirst. First an ensemble film and now yet another sequel, Will sure is taking strides to get out of his career rut, isn't he?

Not to be a Debbie Downer, but there is one thing casting a cloud over this otherwise exciting news, though: Michael Bay's relative non-involvement. Say what you will, but when the man is at his best he makes things explode like no other. It's not hyperbole to count him equal to Will and Martin as a key factor in what makes the first two films macho-action classics. Joe Carnahan (Narc, Smokin Aces, The Grey) is already attached to direct BB3. Hopefully he'll do a fine job honoring the magic that came before him. But please, for the love of sun-soaked, high-octane shootout climaxes, let the Hollywood stars align to bring Bay back for 4. Fingers crossed. Anyway, if Sony's dates stick, expect Bad Boys 3 February 2017 and Bad Boys 4 July 2019.