'Minions' Made an Insane Amount of Money at the Box Office

"Minions" made more than $100 million in its debut weekend in theaters.

Image via Universal Pictures

Those Twinkie-looking sort-of bad guys that made the Despicable Me movies good are killing it at the box office, with Minions taking in more than $115 million in its debut weekend, according to estimates cited by Variety

That was good enough to knock Jurassic World ($18.1 million) out of the top spot, followed by No. 3, Inside Out ($17.1 million), No. 4, Terminator Genisys ($13.7 million) and No.  5, The Gallows ($10 million)

Minions also brought in another $124.3 million in theaters outside of North America, which means the movie has already more than doubled its reported budget of $74 million. 

Maybe their appeal has something to do with their filthy mouths, or maybe its all the product placement. Either way, the movie is on track to crack a billion this summer. 


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