The NYPD Arrested a Kangaroo Roaming Free on Staten Island

A kangaroo was spotted hopping around Staten Island before being captured by police officers.

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NYPD officers busted a touristy kangaroo named Buster on Saturday after the animal escaped from a home on Staten Island and proceeded to roam the neighborhood taking in the sights. Although it only took about 15 minutes because, well, Staten Island. 

According to the Daily NewsBuster and his owner, who live upstate, were visiting a friend's house when he escaped from the back yard. 

A guy who owns an auto shop spotted the kangaroo wandering around nearby and later told the newspaper that Buster was "jumping around, enjoying the freedom and the fun."

After several neighbors called 911, the cops showed up and surrounded Buster, and eventually captured him and returned him to his owner. 

It's reportedly legal to own a kangaroo where the woman is from, so no charges were filed. 


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