Though kangaroos are generally known as non-aggressive and even approachable members of the animal kingdom, residents of a suburb in Brisbane are rethinking that distinction thanks to a new arrival. The totally juiced kangaroo in the clip above has reportedly been maintaining his calm though intimidating demeanor by spending most of his time at a local golf course. Typical.

According to locals, smaller (see: less bro-ish) kangaroos are a common sight in the Australian suburb, but an animal of this stature is highly unusual. One resident described the potential Tapout mascot as a "very big" kangaroo with "massive, massive muscles" and "big pecs."

Presumably, the kangaroo proudly buys whey in bulk, owns more than zero Ed Hardy t-shirts, and totally just perfected his workout playlist by adding one more Disturbed track. We forgive you, kangaroo. You know not what you do.