Priyanka Chopra on Bond Girls: "F*** That, I Wanna Be Bond"

Priyanka Chopra has some choice words about Bond Girls.

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What's not to love about Priyanka Chopra? Between her success on FBI crime thriller series Quantico and the highly anticipated Baywatch reboot slated to drop next year, her acting chops are apparent. (It's worth noting here that she'll be playing the villain in the new Baywatch—a role that was originally scripted for a man.) The immensely talented—and not to mention gorgeous—Indian actress has starred in scores of films (seriously, like alot), so if she's not a part of your movie-going consciousness, get woke. One thing she's yet to work on, though? Bond films.

In an exclusive cover story  with Complex, Chopra tells us who she'd play—and it's definitely not who you might expect.

In another lull between takes, conversation turns towards her appetite for stunts. She’s thrilled for her upcoming role as the icy villain in Baywatch, a part originally envisioned for a man ("another barrier broken," she winks), and everyone agrees she’d make a great Bond Girl. "I get that all the time," she says with faux-exasperation. "But fuck that—I wanna be Bond."

"Fuck that, I wanna be Bond," should be emblazoned on billboards and adopted by women everywhere as mantra. It's yet to be seen whether we'll get Chopra in a Bond role anytime soon (attn: Hollywood, we're looking at you). But Chopra's proving to us once again that she's a force to be reckoned with in Hollywood, and we can't wait to see what's in store.

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