Bernie Sanders Brings Us Full Circle and Dances to "Hotline Bling"

This is the Bernie Sanders/"Hotline Bling" mash-up you've been waiting for.

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Remember when Drake released his minimally circulated and relatively obscure opus “Hotline Bling”? Sure you don’t. But it appears agreeable daytime talk show host Ellen DeGeneres and her crew of merry pranksters got their hands on some CGI technology and decided to go nuts.

A video remix of Drake’s ubiquitous banger shared by Ellen depicts Bernie Sanders mimicking some of the rapper's signature choreography from the video, in addition to getting slapped on the ass by a backup dancer (you'll remember the presidential hopeful made an IRL appearance on the show recently). We’re talking booty shaking, telephone hands, and whole lot of frozen Bernie smile.

The original video has gifted us some of our favorite Drake memes to date, and has been covered by nearly everyone in music who’s ever dropped an album. (It also served as fodder for Meek Mill to continue embarrassing himself in a never-ending public feud with the OVO kingpin.)

Anyway, here’s a video of Bernie doing “the Drake” in “Hotline Bling” because we deserve this.

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