Lil Meech Reveals He Dropped $500,000 on His 'BMF' Chain

Lil Meech appeared in the latest installment of GQ's 'On The Rocks' series, revealing he dropped a whopping $500,000 on his iced-out 'BMF' chain.

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Lil Meech appeared in the latest installment of GQ’s On The Rocks series, which featured the BMF actor discussing his jewelry collection.

Meech, who plays his father Big Meech on 50 Cent’s hit Starz series BMF, showed off his new BMF inspired piece. 

“I’ve really been into jewelry since I was a baby, growing up,” he shared. “My old ‘BMF’ pieces I don’t have no more.”

The 22-year-old actor then flaunted his new BMF pendant, which cost him a whopping $500,000. 

“Elliott charged me $200,000 just for this Cuban,” the actor explained, showing off Cuban link part of the chain. “This Cuban is like 1,100 grams. It’s chunky, real big. I really can’t have this on for longer than three or four hours, my neck start hurting.”

“The locket say ‘Elliante’ on it,” Meech said, revealing that the famous jeweler crafted the chain. “You know what I’m saying? His name, his signature, it got the three big boogers on each side. So, ain’t no regular Cuban, you know? You might find a regular Cuban for 50 or for 100, maybe, but this 200 just for a kilo.”

As for the pendant, Meech said it cost him another $300,000, bringing the total to $500,000.

“This some shit like, you gotta give my daddy, like when he come home” he shared. “I’ll keep this forever, you know? You can’t even go no bigger than this, you know? You don’t see no silver or gold, you see straight water.”

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