Man Named Rubi Rose's Top OnlyFans Spender Says Viral Moments Were Fake

The man said he didn't spend $62,000 on her OnlyFans or harass her with text messages.

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The man who went viral recently after Rubi Rose said he was her No. 1 OnlyFans spender has appeared on No Jumper in an exclusive tell-all.

The man—who is only identified as Lamar, and his X/Twitter account @LAMARTHEGREAT3 and his Instagram account @1of1spender—opened up about the situation with No Jumper. "I love that girl, she's my queen," he said around the 14:50 point when asked if he has a "particular fixation" on her. "I have every image, everything of hers on my OnlyFans account that purchased, I guess, supposedly. I mean, I didn't purchase none of that shit." He was asked if Rose produces more pornographic content in paid-for DMs on OnlyFans, to which he said he doesn't "think" she does.

In the viral image Rose shared a few weeks ago, he was seen posing alongside Rose alongside apparent proof he spent over $62,000 on her content despite only being subscribed for one month.

"I didn't purchase none of her OnlyFans content," he continued. "I got in the situation where I just went and took a picture with Rubi Rose, right? I got paid for it. I didn't know exactly what it was for. I think it was like a promo thing or something or whatever the fuck it was, you know? I met up with her, I take this picture. The next day, I'm like the fucking OnlyFans top spender. I knew there was some kind of thing where it had to do with the top OnlyFans spender shit but I didn't know what the fuck was going on. They made it look like I was her top spender."

He alleged that he was only told that he would appear in the photo as one of her OnlyFans subscribers, and ultimately, he didn't know it was going to blow up the way it did. "It's a real account, but it's not me," he shared. "It's an actual account that paid into Rubi Rose." He noted that he's since gotten a lot of "hate" over the post, but he saw an opportunity to make money with Rose's team so he also agreed to get a tattoo on the back of his leg but wasn't aware it was going to be a portrait of her.

"First I'm the top spender, and then it comes out to me being... I didn't know I was a Bitcoin billionaire, you know?" he continued. "I have some money, you know, but I'm not like a Bitcoin billionaire." After the viral incident, he bumped into someone who asked if he was on MTV's True Life: I'm Addicted to Porn, which he said was news to him. "That doesn't look like me, does it?" he added. "That shit was crazy. ... They weren't telling me everything that was going on."

While he has some issues with how the story went viral and painted a narrative of him as some Rubi Rose-obsessed creep, he said that Rose was "dope" and nice to him during their encounter. "I was hanging out with her for like two hours, maybe three, tops," he shared, noting they never got him to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Rose recently shared a video that showed the man allegedly asking why she hasn't been answering his messages after he "invested so much money" into her OnlyFans account. Lamar, however, suggested that it was all fake to help Rose and her OnlyFans account go viral. "I didn't even know who the fuck she was, like, really when I met her," he shared around the 42-minute mark. "I mean, I heard some of the controversy in the media beforehand."

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