Raven-Symoné Says Bullying Drove Her to Get Liposuction and Breast Reductions Before 18th Birthday

On an episode of her podcast with her wife Miranda Pearman-Maday, the 'That's So Raven' star recalled the body shaming she faced when she was young.

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That's So Raven star Raven-Symoné has opened up about how body shaming led her to get breast reduction surgery and liposuction before she turned 18.

In an episode of her podcast with her wife Miranda Pearman-Maday, The Best Podcast Ever with Raven and Miranda, the 37-year-old actor said she experienced a lot of bullying and comments about her body when she appeared in the Disney Channel series. "I had two breast reductions and lipo before I turned 18," she recalled, per People. "There was paperwork involved. My dad suggested strongly that I should get my breasts reduced. He was like, 'So you don’t feel bad, is there anything that you want?' I was like, 'Yeah, if I get lipo, will people stop calling me fat?' So I got a two-fer."

Symoné said that whole situation was a "mess," which wasn't helped by how young she was at the time. After her first breast reduction surgery, she suffered a seizure. :"I remember waking up and seeing everything," she shared. "I started having this dry mouth and couldn’t breathe and went back under and they were like ‘You had a seizure.'"

She noted that the recovery period for the surgeries was "a little painful" and she still has scar tissue to this day. Symoné went back for the second breast surgery because she gained weight after the first one and "they were still too big." Despite the surgeries, it didn't stop people from making hurtful comments. "I wasn't skinny as everybody else and they still called me fat," she said. "You get that done and it's still not what everybody wanted to see."

The podcast has become something of an open forum for the former child star. Last month, Symoné revealed that she believes she has psychic abilities.

"What I believe, actually, is humans have the ability in their brain to tap into energy fields that allow for truth to connect when you know how to translate it correctly," she said. "I can walk into a room and read the room. People may not think that’s psychic but what that is is reading energy and energy is in the psychic plane because it’s not on a physical, material plane."


Listen to lastest episode of the podcast above.

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