‘That’s So Raven’ Star Raven-Symoné Says She Has Psychic Abilities

In a new episode of her recently launched podcast, the 'That's So Raven' and 'Raven's Home' star detailed her beliefs on psychic matters.

raven symone on the red carpet
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raven symone on the red carpet

Raven-Symoné says she believes in psychics and has her own abilities in this realm, “puns fucking intended.”

In the third episode of her recently launched iHeartRadio podcast with her wife Miranda Pearman-Maday, the That's So Raven and Raven's Home star spoke with special guest Keke Palmer on the topic.

"What I believe, actually, is humans have the ability in their brain to tap into energy fields that allow for truth to connect when you know how to translate it correctly," Raven said on the new episode. "I can walk into a room and read the room. People may not think that’s psychic but what that is is reading energy and energy is in the psychic plane because it’s not on a physical, material plane."

Elaborating further, Raven detailed being able to see things that have "happened to me" or that are "going to happen in another dimension." Asked to go deeper on the latter, Raven obliged.

“There’ll be times when I’m walking and I’ll trip over nothing but I feel in my body that I’ve been running,” she said, adding that she and this other her in another dimension are able to connect “through our trauma.”

Listen to the full conversation here.

On the Disney Channel classic That’s So Raven, of course, Raven played a teen with secret psychic abilities. The spinoff Raven’s Home, also starring Raven-Symoné, revealed that the character’s abilities had been passed down to her son. The series premiered its sixth season earlier this year and is slated to continue rolling out new episodes through August.

In June, Raven-Symoné and Miranda Pearman-Maday announced the launch of The Best Podcast Ever, a weekly series that has (thus far) featured Keke Palmer and Demi Lovato.

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