People Have Mixed Feelings About 'Blue's Clues' Reboot and Its CGI Dog

Nickelodeon's remake has just gotten its first-ever trailer.

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Nickelodeon's reboot of Blue's Clues has just gotten its first-ever trailer, and fans are divided on how to feel about the new host, Josh, and the switch from 2D animation to CGI for Blue.

Titled Blue's Clues & You, the reboot will bring back a majority of the side-characters featured in the original series like Magenta, Mr. Salt, and Mrs. Pepper. The biggest change for this iteration, however, is the animation style, which is an entirely CGI take. Some have taken to Twitter to praise the new look, while others don't quite agree.

Nick first announced that they were planning to revive the children's show back in March 2018. The audition listing for the role asked for women and men with a comedy background who can pass for anywhere between 18 and 25 years of age. They also requested that prospective hosts be able to play guitar, sing, and juggle among other attributes.

"With Blue's Clues, Nickelodeon launched what became TV's first generation of interactivity for preschoolers and set the bar for quality, curriculum-driven shows we have made since," Nickelodeon Group president Cyma Zarghami said upon announcing the reboot. "The new, modern version of Blue's Clues will capture all the original's creativity and visual identity for a whole new audience ready for its fun adventures and expertly designed problem-solving curriculum."

Check out Twitter's reaction to the reboot below.

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