Nick Cannon Says 'Only God' Can Tell Him When He's Done Having Kids

The father of 12 told Dr. Laura Berman that it's not up to him when he's "done" having kids.

Prince Williams via Getty Images

In an appearance on The Language of Love with Dr. Laura Berman, father of 12 Nick Cannon said "only God" can tell him when he's "done" having kids.

"I've gotten in trouble about this too before because people will ask me if I'm done," Cannon said around the 30-minute mark of the podcast, according to People. "And I'd always say, 'Only God can tell me if I'm done.' Because as much as I was open to every single child that I had, I can't say the majority of them were planned. . . .If you would have told me in 2012 when I was still married, just diagnosed with lupus that 10 years from now . . . that I would have 12 children, I would be like, 'fuck out of here!'"

Earlier in the podcast, Berman joked that Cannon surely has "magic sperm" because of the number of children he's had with six different women. "Several of these women have been on full-on birth control and gotten pregnant, and not wanted to get pregnant and gotten pregnant," Berman said, to which Cannon replied, "I lend that type of stuff to God. Those are miracles."

There's been plenty of talk about how, uh, "prolific" Cannon has been, but he's not letting that influence how he sees the possibility of welcoming more women. "I'm like, 'the more the merrier,' we roll the dice to the name and what you will build," he said. He noted, however, he's "contemplated deeply" getting a vasectomy because he doesn't "want to be careless" anymore.

"I want to be a lot more intentional with life, especially when dealing with creating life because I love all my children but I probably wasn't intentional," he shared. "I was like, 'Oh if it happens, amazing, God's miracles.' ... Now I have 12, so no matter how much money you make, you can't buy time. I want to be intentional in all of their lives currently, and I don't want to spread anyone else any thinner than they already are. So with that, if I do have more children, it will be very intentional and the timing will be the best timing that I believe it should be. There won't be any more 'accidents' or 'oops' or 'surprises.'"

Listen to the full episode of the podcast above.

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