Here’s What Nick Cannon Had to Say About Whether He’ll Have More Kids

Nick Cannon recently announced he's expecting his eighth child, and now he's spoken on whether he intends to welcome any more kids after that.

Nick Cannon performs during the Amateur Night Season Opener at The Apollo Theater

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Nick Cannon performs during the Amateur Night Season Opener at The Apollo Theater

Nick Cannon is expecting his eighth child, and he says that he doesn’t “have the bandwidth” to have more kids anytime soon.

In an interview with Dr. Laura Berman on her The Language of Love podcast, per HipHopDX, Cannon explained he doesn’t want to take any energy or time away from his children as it stands. “I don’t have the bandwidth for it anymore,” the 41-year-old said. “I feel like I do owe the women that are currently in my life, I owe them as much energy, time, and effort as I possibly [can]—especially my kids. Every time I close my eyes I see my kids."

Cannon admitted during an earlier point of the podcast that he’s “the biggest germ freak in the world,” and he wouldn’t have unprotected sex with any woman. “I’m going to take full responsibility,” he added. “Any woman that I know that I have unprotected sex with, there’s the potential to have a child.” 

“If I’ve gotten to that point where I say, ‘I can take off this condom,’ I’m gonna say, ‘She could be the mother of my child,'” he continued around the 11 minute mark of the podcast when asked if he planned to have all of his kids. “Every woman that I have a child with, there is definitely a conversation about, ‘Wow, how amazing would this be?’ I feel like every woman I have a child with are amazing mothers, and there was a thought process going into like, ‘Man, she would be an amazing mother, she’s desired children, I can’t wait to see what type of mother she would be.’ So I would say that they’re all planned.”

Last month, Cannon hosted a gender reveal party for girlfriend Bre Tiesi, where the couple revealed they’re expecting a baby boy. His reputation for having a lot of children with many different woman even resulted in his friend Kevin Hart gifting him a condom vending machine. “I see u got my gift @nickcannon ….GOTCHA BITCH!!!!!!," wrote Hart upon reposting the image. "Now u don’t have an excuse because the condoms are free #PrankWars.”

Cannon suffered tragedy last year when his five-month-old son Zen died following a battle with a brain tumor.

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