Michael Blackson Says Katt Williams Can ‘Fight’ His 15-Year-Old Son After Claiming Comedian Is Mad at Him

Blackson said Katt Williams is mad at him over comments he made during a 'Drink Champs' appearance: “Since you only 4 ft 9 inch tall imma be the bigger person."


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Michael Blackson has a bone to pick with fellow comedian Katt Williams, whom he said has been beefing with him following comments made on Drink Champs last year.

“Life is too short to be beefing especially with people you love,” wrote Blackson in a series of tweets he later shared on Instagram. “I love every comedian like a brother, sometimes we say things about each other and it comes out the wrong way but we don’t mean no harm. Katt Williams is still mad about something I said on Drink Champs last summer.”

For context, Blackson spoke about Williams briefly during a 2021 appearance on the popular show. He referenced in passing Williams getting into a fight with a teen, who ultimately got the comedian in a headlock. “Katt done fought a ten-year-old kid, smoke crack, just everything,” he said on the podcast, adding that Williams is “so likable and so lovable” that he was able to bounce back from various dramas.

“I thought I made a compliment but most of my compliments comes with a little roast because that’s what I do. Katt took it as insult and I had no idea he was still mad till we met on the taping of WildnOut yesterday,” Blackson’s tweets continued. “Non [sic] of the cast including Nick had no idea we were beefing. We ended up on opposite teams and all his hokes towards me were insults on my career while I tried to keep my jokes towards him on his height and permed hair. I tried to keep it fun so people won’t know we had problem with each other but that midget n***a kept going hard lol smh.”

He ended the tweets by offering Williams an opportunity to sort out their issues, but not without taking some shots first. “Since you only 4 ft 9 inch tall imma be the bigger person and try to squash this, we’ve known each other over 25 yrs. We go back from the Friday movies, then Repos to Meet the Blacks not counting the few tours we’ve done together,” he wrote. “Let me know how you want to handle this Katt, I’m down with a VS on stage or you can just fight my 15 yr old son.” 


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