Mark Hamill Responds to Arrest Warrant Issued for Tennessee Man Luke Sky Walker

Tennessee's Luke Sky Walker is currently wanted by police.

Mark Hamill

Image via Getty/Albert L. Ortega

Mark Hamill

A man known as Luke Sky Walker is currently wanted by police in Tennessee, and in a post to let people know, the authorities decided to have a little fun with it. "Yes, we do have a warrant for Luke Sky Walker's arrest," the Facebook page for the Carter County Tennessee Sheriff's Office posted. "No he is not armed with a light saber," they added. "No he is not missing a hand."

Mark Hamill, who portrays Luke Skywalker in Star Wars, could not pass up the opportunity to get involved. In response to the story, Hamill tweeted, "The sequel that nobody asked for and no one wants to see."

He made sure to add some possible titles for the would-be sequel in the form of two hashtags: #LarcenousLuke and #TheSheriffStrikesBack. 

Sky Walker was originally arrested in 2017 for stealing 46 road signs, then arrested in 2018 for parole violations. It's hard to see Disney biting on the idea of Luke Skywalker on the run from police for property theft, but stranger things have happened. 

This isn't the first time Hamill was made aware of the criminal named after his iconic character. When Sky Walker was first placed in jail, Hamill joked, "The real crime here is Mr. & Mrs. Walker saddling this poor guy with that name in the first place."

Clearly amused by the mugshot, Hamill referentially quipped that he was "also too short for a Stormtrooper." 

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