Keke Palmer's Ex Darius Jackson Gets Baptized Amid Custody Battle: 'Saving Myself Was the 1st Step'

Alongside a video posted on Instagram, Jackson suggested that religion is helping him cope following his break-up with Palmer.

Derek White / Stringer via Getty Images

Keke Palmer's ex-boyfriend Darius Jackson suggested he's gotten baptized amid their custody battle for their infant son.

"There’s A LOT I can say but not allowed to say. And at this point, don’t even want to say. I will say, however, that God is & will always be your greatest ally," Jackson wrote alongside an Instagram video of him working out. "I have put my trust, patience, timing & entire life onto him so that I can continue to get through the days. Lord Jesus has been with me throughout & has strengthen me to the point where I am continuing to push forward & not looking back. He’s surrounded me with friends & family that has always been there as well as sending me love from many individuals who have reached out. And for that, I thank you."

While he didn't provide evidence of his baptism, Jackson did note that it has helped him cope following his break-up from Palmer. "Extremely blessed to have repent & be baptized in the name of our Lord Jesus," he wrote. "But the work doesn’t stop, there’s so much I have to do in order to be fulfilled. Saving myself was the 1st step."

Earlier this month, Palmer and Jackson asked to postpone their court date in regards to her accusing him of domestic violence. In court documents filed ahead of the initially planned Dec. 5 court date, the former couple asked for the move to allow "the parties time to attend mediation." They both agreed for the conditions of Palmer's temporary domestic violence restraining order and temporary sole custody of their nine-month-old child to be upheld until then.

In Palmer's original filing last month, she alleged that Jackson "trespassed into my home" and "threatened me, then physically attacked me—lunging for my neck, striking me, throwing me over the couch, and stealing my phone when I told him I was going to call the police."

More recently, Palmer said her life is "unraveling at the seams" amid drama surrounding her ex-boyfriend. “When reality tv makes everyone believe all celebrities lives are just one big marketing strategy and scheme but my life is truly unraveling at the seams and I just wear trauma like a Dolce Gabana coat because Sharon didn't raise no b****,” read a caption on a video she shared with her and her son.

Despite her joke about her life "unraveling," Palmer is set to join Eddie Murphy in the upcoming heist comedy The Pickup, per The Hollywood Reporter.

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