Keke Palmer's Mother Calls Out Darius Jackson’s Brother for 'Ridiculous' Claims After Abuse Allegations

As previously reported, Keke Palmer has accused Darius Jackson of physical abuse and is seeking sole custody of their eight-month-old son.

keke palmer and darius jackson
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keke palmer and darius jackson

Keke Palmer's mother has spoken out following news that her daughter had accused Darius Jackson of physical abuse.

In a video shared to Instagram, Sharon Palmer responded to “the ridiculous stuff” Sarunas Jackson, Darius’ brother, posted to Twitter.

"Look, I’ve never done anything like this," she said in the video. "I’ve been in this business for 22 years. I’ve seen a lot of stuff. But this, I can’t help myself. For Sarunas Jackson to post on his Twitter the ridiculous stuff that he’s posting when he knew his brother was abusive. I went to Sarunas over a year ago and told him that his brother was abusive to my daughter and he said, 'Well, I used to be like that too.' What?"

According to Keke's mother, Sarunas is "the biggest fuckboy in Hollywood." The video statement appears to be in reference to since-removed tweets from Sarunas, including one in which he said, "Any child in the middle of something like this does not deserve it AT ALL."

"So now he’s posting on Twitter like he’s this special guy when we know he’s the biggest fuckboy in Hollywood," Sharon said. "He’s disrespectful to women just like his little brother. He taught his brother how to be abusive. So he don’t get to act like he’s this special guy. No, you’re a fuckboy and you’re a part of the problem."

In the caption of her post, Sharon said she “won’t take this laying down anymore.”

Sarunas has since responded, claiming he "never once said that" to Keke's mother. He also he's "never been abusive to any of the women [I've] ever been involved with."

As previously reported, Keke Palmer has requested sole custody of her and Jackson’s eight-month-old son Leodis. Per People, citing court docs, the Nope star also filed for a restraining order alleging that Jackson “threatened” and “physically attacked” her earlier this week.

Included in the documents are screenshots of surveillance footage, as well as further allegations from Palmer that there are “many instances” of Jackson physically and emotionally abusing her over the past two years.

Friday morning, TMZ reported that Palmer's request had been "granted temporarily" ahead of a court hearing next month.

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