Chris Evans Explains Why He Took That Photo With Ted Cruz

Earlier this year, Captain America himself, Chris Evans, courted controversy after he appeared in a photo alongside Ted Cruz and his daughter. 

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Earlier this year, Captain America himself, Chris Evans, courted controversy after he appeared in a photo alongside Ted Cruz and his daughter. Evans is generally known for his progressive political views, so seeing him next to Ted "I Wanna Nuke ISIS" Cruz was pretty disconcerting for some of his fans. In an appearance on the Daily Show with host Trevor Noah, Evans was able to clear the air on that picture.

"In that circumstance, it was a child," he told Noah, referring to Cruz's daughter Caroline. "I'll always take a picture with a kid. ... But in general, just even sitting down with certain politicians—there are certain people on the extremes of both parties who, there’s no wiggle room for that. And again, what I would argue is, look, if this person wasn’t in power, if this person wasn’t writing bills that affected your life, fine, we can shun them. You know what I mean? We can scream louder than them. But we can’t pretend they don’t have some sort of say, some sort of impact." 

Just recently Evans launched his website A Starting Point, where you can hear both sides of a political issue in an easy to digest way. In fact, Evans was part of a conversation on the site with Cruz, where they discussed day 3 of the Republican National Convention.

Evans added that it's "far more pernicious to become stubborn and retreat to your corner" than to have a debate. "Because I think the other way just becomes cyclical, and everyone spirals, and no one listens, and I don’t think you move the ball down the field as effectively as you would if you say: OK, let’s just, you know...out-talk me."

He also spoke further about what inspired A Starting Point, which he hopes will allow people to form their own opinions. Watch the Daily Show interview above.

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