Alison Brie has opened up about her love of streaking ahead of the arrival of her new movie Somebody I Used to Know, which features a scene where her character streaks on a golf course.

In an interview with People, Brie revealed that it was her idea to feature the streaking scene in the film, which she co-wrote with her husband Dave Franco.  "I certainly had a penchant for it in my college years," said Brie, who formerly studied theater at the California Institute of the Arts. "At CalArts I was a big streaker. And even in my adult life, I find it to be quite hilarious. I'm a very comfortable naked person. I love streaking. It's so fun. It really makes me laugh. I always think it makes other people laugh. It's just one of my favorite things."

Franco also serves as the director of the film—which is his second directorial effort following 2020's The Rental—and apparently he’s not quite as comfortable with Brie streaking as she is. "I've spent years talking Dave into accepting my comfort with nudity," she said. "He's comfortable with me being nude at our home, but in public, he's more averse to it." As for when she last did it, she suggested there “might have been some streaking” when she worked on the Netflix comedy series GLOW, which concluded with a third season in 2019.

Elsewhere in the interview, she spoke about the inspiration behind Somebody I Used to Know. It took a visit to Franco’s family in Palo Alto, California for them to come up with the premise, which follows a reality TV show producer played by Brie as she returns to her hometown. "That was when we birthed the idea," she said. “We sort of just tossed around ideas about being back in your hometown and also about the one that got away and people's amnesia when it comes to relationships and breakups and why those things happen.”

Somebody I Used to Know hits Amazon Prime Video on Feb. 10.