Kanye West Explains Disney Reference in Pete Davidson Post: 'He's a Pawn'

After a statement on Sunday morning comparing Pete Davidson to Disney, Ye has explained the meaning of the post, still referring to the comedian as "Skete."

Ye attends the Kenzo Fall/Winter 2022/2023 show

Image via Getty/Jacopo Raule

Ye attends the Kenzo Fall/Winter 2022/2023 show

The artist formerly known as Kanye West is on a quest to control his narrative. On Sunday, he had to make some clarifications to that narrative. 

After a lengthy statement on Sunday morning referencing Pete Davidson—who he’s now nicknamed “Skete”—and Disney, effectively saying that he’s “just playing his part in Frozen 3,” Ye is now explaining what he meant for fans who may have missed his point. 

“So Yandhi_Memes this is what it means,” Ye wrote to the Kanye-focused meme account that was seemingly confused by his post. “Disney owns Hulu. Disney wants to influence a wider age group. Disney assigned the actor Skete to serve in some bigger narrative ‘but for some reason refused to give a stylist.’ I wrote that last part intentionally to be funny. I just while expressing my side just like SNL which is also gang with Disney.”

Ye continued writing that former Disney CEO Bob Iger “bought Marvel and Disney to gain more influence in the teenage market” and that “Ellen [DeGeneres] and Hillary [Clinton] been whispering in Kim’s ear for years.”

“Skete been wearing fake Trump hats to ridicule me for not being in my Black place as a voter and throwing shots at me about mental health,” Ye wrote. “He’s a pawn. I’m not crazy I wouldn’t have had such a big impact on culture for the past 20 years if I was. This is the real narrative. Everyone else is afraid. But now that they played with my family it’s up.”

Pete dropped by the Weekend Update desk to talk about last week’s musical guest, Kanye West. #SNL pic.twitter.com/LFzJJFTnbV

— Saturday Night Live - SNL (@nbcsnl) October 7, 2018

Ye is likely referencing jokes that Davidson made in 2018 about the creative’s mental health, when Davidson said that “being mentally ill is not an excuse to act like a jackass” and suggested that Ye wearing a MAGA hat would upset Black viewers of the NBC program. 

“He wore [the MAGA hat] all week,” Davidson said of Ye’s 2018 appearance on the show. “No one told him not to wear it. I wish I bullied you. I wish I would have suggested that it might upset someone, like your wife, or every Black person ever.” 

Ye’s initial post—or at least one of them—mentioned that his social media posts referencing Kim Kardashian’s new boyfriend are “not about Skete,” but rather the bigger picture.

“It’s about selling y’all a narrative,” Ye wrote. “Skete just playing his part in Frozen 3, except it’s not in the theaters. This time it’s on Daily Mail. Tell Bob [Iger] and the entire Disney staff you wasted your money on Star Wars and Marvel because even though it makes you money, you will never control the high schools. No one’s ever heard a Machine Gun Kelly song, Bob.”

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