'iCarly' Trailer Arrives Ahead of Paramount+ Revival

The trailer kicks off with clips from the original series before flashing forward to Carly and Freddie now in their 20s, attempting to revive their famous show.

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iCarly is about to arrive back on air—both on Paramount+ and within the show itself. 

The streaming service unveiled the first trailer for the upcoming revival of the Nickelodeon series, featuring Carly and the gang as they try to reboot her old webshow, iCarly.

First shared by Entertainment Weekly, the trailer kicks off with clips for the original series, then flashes forward to Carly and Freddie now in their 20s, attempting to revive their famous webshow with Carly’s brother Spencer. The gang—minus Sam, formerly played by Jennette McCurdy—is all back together: Miranda Cosgrove, Nathan Kress, and Jerry Trainor. New characters include Freddie’s stepdaughter Millicent (Jaidyn Triplett) and Carly’s new best friend Harper (Laci Mosley). 

The new glimpse at iCarly shows Carly and Freddie as they embark on unsuccessful dating lives, and it also features notable returning characters fans will surely get a kick out of. Reed Alexander reprises his role as the menacing Nevel Papperman, while Danielle Morrow appears as Nora Dershlit.

The series’ first three episodes will premiere on Paramount+ on July 17, with 10 episodes to follow, dropping on a weekly basis. As previously reported, McCurdy passed on returning for the reboot and hasn’t been too thrilled as of late about her previous acting roles, sharing that she’s taking a break from the big and small screens unless something special comes up.

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