André 3000 Heads to Space In 'High Life' Trailer

Andre 3000 finally made it to space and it doesn't look like it went well.

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André 3000 finally got to go to space. The rapper, who morphed throughout his career from an incredibly gifted Atlanta storyteller to a trans-stellar cosmic being in the mold of Bootsy Collins, heads up into the final frontier in the new Claire Denis film High Life

In a tense new trailer, a voice-over explains the central conceit of the film. André — along with Robert Pattinson and Juliette Binoche — is part of a celestial crew of convicts. Their primary mission is to see if it is possible to harvest the energy of a black hole. Tensions flare and the cuts get quicker as the trailer goes along, moving from long shots of sterile spacecraft hallways to half-second flashes of blood. It's definitely out of this world, but we wouldn't call it extraterrestrial. These characters seem to be far too human.

Like space, André 3000 has been upsettingly quiet. While fans have been clamoring for a solo album for what feels like forever, André is more than comfortable to lay back and work on music at his own pace. He occasionally pops up for a head-turning guest verse and said that he has tons of unreleased material. Presumably, all the tracks aren't Mother's Day-related, but we wouldn't mind if they were.      

Check out the trailer up top. High Life is already making the festival rounds and is expected to be released in 2019 via reliable indie hitmakers A24.

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