50 Cent Thinks 'Power' Emmy Snub is 'Racial'

The show earned zero Emmy nominations.

50 cent

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50 cent

50 Cent is not exactly known for his humility, but even a typically quiet executive producer might feel a bit wronged if their massive hit show repeatedly came up empty at the Emmys. In a recent panel in front of the Television Critics Association, the Power head said that he felt that race was behind his show's lack of award recognition.  

"I'd like to say it's racial. That's the easy way to get out of things. I just think (voters) overlook it," he said after the show once again failed to earn a single Emmy nod.

Power features a largely black cast and two black executive producers. The discrepancy between it and other premium cable hits was on full display in this year's Emmy nominations. While Game of Thrones pulled in a record 32 nominations for its largely disappointing final season, Power got a goose egg. This snub was in spite of the fact that Fif's series is the second most-viewed show on pay cable behind Thrones.

50 Cent said that the voters being late to his TV show is just more of the same. 

"People at awards ceremonies have always been late to my projects...This project, the content is the same material that I use for my music, and I didn't receive the best new artist (award when I had) the largest debuting hip-hop album," he said.

The typically chatty 50 hopes to let success be his noise, saying that in a post-Thrones world, Power will be undeniable.  

"I'm just going to make the numbers so high, in viewership, that they'll be saying we (messed) up again," he said.

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