No Amount of Girl Math or Boy Math Can Calculate Just How Many Jokes Are Already Out There

The viral "girl math" trend where social media users cleverly and hilariously rationalize their spending habits has inspired countless posts—including a detour into "boy math."

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By now you’ve surely heard of “girl math,” the personal finance trend made famous on TikTok.

Girl math is ostensibly a way to rationalize spending habits with some unconventional logic and mental gymnastics. For example: did you buy something under $5, or with a gift card? It’s basically free. If you returned something at the store, you made money. A concert ticket you bought so long ago that it’s not reflected in any of your recent bank statements? Doesn’t count.

The trend has gone viral over the last month or so, and now floods of people are weighing in on the different ways they’ve used girl math.

girl math is so real… i returned something for $90 and then bought something for $100 so i really only spent $10! what a deal

— mar (@itsmariannnna) August 8, 2023
Twitter: @itsmariannnna

Girl math.

If i pay for it using actual cash, i basically didn’t spend anything or it was free because there’s no proof of spending.

— SpuraMaluda (@sthebee) August 8, 2023
Twitter: @sthebee

My ultimate girl maths is no money is ever wasted when its spent on my birthday.

— Ozzy (@ozzyetomi) September 26, 2023
Twitter: @ozzyetomi

girl math is going on vacation with 8 friends and coming back with 3

— tola (@shinathagoat) September 26, 2023
Twitter: @shinathagoat

When Mariah Carey sued that billionaire boyfriend she had for wasting her time and won a multi-million dollar settlement, that's girl math.

— Morgan Jerkins (@MorganJerkins) September 24, 2023
Twitter: @MorganJerkins

girl math is saying if i don't look at my bank account i can't see the money leaving and seeing is believing so i am not actually losing money since i do not see it happening 🤗

— hatsune mitski (@zephanijong) September 26, 2023
Twitter: @zephanijong

While girl math is generally seen as a lighthearted way of discussing finances between young women on social media, the trend has since branched off. Certain folks who arguably didn't get the humor simply inserted themselves, and many flipped the narrative with their take on "boy math."

the funniest thing about boy math tweets is the girl math wave was such silly ass fun but now that got ruined and now they have to start cooking

— tequila mockingbird (@followLonga) September 26, 2023
Twitter: @followLonga

Women: “sometimes I rationalize my overspending by pretending it’s free if I use cash lol”



— Grip Bayless (@talleyberrybaby) September 24, 2023
Twitter: @talleyberrybaby

Boy math is choosing dinner with Jay-Z over $500K

— Heben Nigatu (@hebennigatu) September 26, 2023
Twitter: @hebennigatu

Boy math is having a 70inch tv but no dining table

— cali 🍒 (@hashtagcali_) September 26, 2023
Twitter: @hashtagcali_

Boy math is wanting 0 kids, but having 0 condoms on hand.

— Domala Harris (@dom__dotty) September 25, 2023
Twitter: @dom__dotty

Boy math is how 5’10” measures 6’

— rae 🫠 (@RaeWitte) September 25, 2023
Twitter: @RaeWitte

boy math is them wanting a prenup & they make 45k

— 🍁 (@Hibzster) September 25, 2023
Twitter: @Hibzster

Boy math is putting on a jersey with another grown man's name on it every Sunday while mocking the Beyhive.

— Thick & Thumping Cuntresse (@Wicked_Womanist) September 26, 2023
Twitter: @Wicked_Womanist

this “boy math/girl math” reminds me of how much u added to my life. now ur just out of the equation. what I feel now is just a fraction of the joy u gave me. its hard to even calculate where we went wrong but I still have hope—I miss u. hope lil bro been working on his jumpshot!

— speedy (@SpeedyMorman) September 26, 2023
Twitter: @SpeedyMorman

Boy math is needing 15 attempts to count the votes correctly to become Speaker and then shutting down the government 9 months later

— Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@AOC) September 27, 2023
Twitter: @AOC

boy math is spending $100 on fanduel and winning $0.

— svn 🌻 (@sevensidney) September 26, 2023
Twitter: @sevensidney

The intersections of all the different maths are beginning to collide for some users, per this iconic Whitney Houston meme from her single "It's Not Right, But It's Okay."

Boy math, girl math, black math, queer math

— AR (@aaronronel) September 26, 2023
Twitter: @aaronronel

Black math:

— Tammm🤎✨ (@TamraKayy_) September 26, 2023
Twitter: @TamraKayy_

girl math this, boy math that, how about nonbinary math (how many dishes u used vs how many dishes u washed)

— jes tom • TORONTO 9/28 + 9/29 🥀 (@jestom) September 26, 2023
Twitter: @jestom

Black math is losing the house key and your momma somehow equating that to someone being able to just walk into her house.

— 💕 Doll Face. ✨ (@smoke_nd_pearlz) September 26, 2023
Twitter: @smoke_nd_pearlz

Girl math, boy math, white math, black math..

— Tamela Mann’s Burner Account (@TheBriaBlack) September 26, 2023
Twitter: @TheBriaBlack

Various people have suggested that the different "maths" might perpetuate stereotypes about how women and other groups of people are irresponsible with money. Others suggest that it actually encourages financial transparency and opens up discussions about money matters.

This trend reflects an emerging emphasis, particularly around Gen Z, on money being nothing more than a construct.

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