Bam Margera Street Fight Caught on Camera, Says He Was 'Defending Myself and My Friends'

The 'Jackass' alum claims he was "threatened and attacked" last week in Los Angeles by an unidentified man.

Bam Margera in sunglasses and tattooed, wearing a casual black outfit, walking outside
Gilbert Carrasquillo/GC Images
Bam Margera in sunglasses and tattooed, wearing a casual black outfit, walking outside

Bam Margera says he was defending himself and his friends in a fistfight that was caught on camera.

According to TMZ, the scuffle involving the Jackass alum went down last week when an unidentified barefoot man threatened him and his friends outside of a property in Los Angeles.

"This individual, who had been pacing nearby for hours relentlessly, and causing disturbances by yelling and overturning trash cans, escalated the confrontation by punching Margera when he stepped outside to smoke," said Bam’s manager Mike Quinn to TMZ.

“Go do heroin and die, you fucking piece of shit,” 44-year-old Margera is heard saying after a brief scuffle.

Despite repeated calls to the police, no assistance from the LAPD arrived. Margera even uploaded a video on Monday of himself claiming to a 911 dispatcher that he had called them 18 times in the past two hours and no one showed up.

“Get a police officer here. Los Angeles Police Department is fucking worthless. You should be ashamed of yourselves,” Margera said in the clip. “It's been two hours of us trying to sleep and, fucking, this dude's throwing shit everywhere and nobody showed up.”

In his caption he said the "bum fight" went down after "the whole neighborhood told me to go handle it…and then they clapped when I was done because he finally shut the fuck up."

In a separate statement to TMZ, Margera said, "I'm not going to be threatened or attacked without defending myself and my friends or people trying to just walk by this idiot, I aimed only to neutralize the threat and ensure the safety of my crew."

Bam’s rep told the outlet that the altercation ended with no injuries and the aggressor eventually departed.

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