Watch Jason Momoa Read Commenters' Bizarre 'Aquaman' Thoughts

'Aquaman' hits theaters on Dec. 21.

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Jason Momoa and his ripped bod are hitting the town as he promotesAquaman, which comes out later this month.

As is typical with press tours, publications try to squeeze out the juiciest content from the celeb du jour. With this aim in mind, IGN decided to have Momoa read some user comments from its site and get his reaction. As a result we’ve got a mildly entertaining video you can peep above, where Momoa discusses Spongebob, Khal Drogo, and Adam Sandler.

“Did DC just fix itself?” one user asks early on in the video. “Was it broken?” Momoa reacts.

“Hopefully Spongebob makes an appearance,” another poses, as Momoa counters with, "Stay tuned for Aquaman 2.” 

And finally one commenter says what absolutely no one was thinking: “Adam Sandler should have been Aquaman." 

“He should have but he’s too old, and I got the role so fuck you Adrian247,” Momoa responds definitively.

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Over the weekend Momoa appeared as the guest on SNL, bringing Khal Drogo and other Game of Thrones characters with him. He also stopped by The Tonight Show to throw tridents with Jimmy Fallon, something he's very good at doing thanks to his starring DC role. 

So far, the critical response to Aquaman has been mixed, although financially, it's already a success. It made $93.6 million from its debut in China, two weeks prior to its U.S. premiere, setting the record for Warner Bros. biggest debut in China. With a record like that, I'm sure Momoa could care less about what the haters say. 

Aquaman hits theaters on Dec. 21. 

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