Someone Sent Pete Davidson a Death Threat Over Ariana Grande

“Someone wanted to shoot me in the face because she’s so hot," Davidson told Howard Stern.

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There’s no doubt in Pete Davidson’s mind that he and Ariana Grande are meant to be, but not everyone feels the same way. In a new interview with Howard Stern, the 24-year-old SNL cast member revealed someone sent him a death threat over his relationship with Grande.

“Someone wanted to shoot me in the face because she’s so hot. You know how insane that is?” Davidson said on SiriusXM’s The Howard Stern Show. “I was like, am I that ugly that people want to shoot me in the face? They’re like, no, fuck this guy. I’m like, what did I do?”

This startling easter egg came up during a discussion about Davidson’s aversion to social media. Back in July, he completely wiped his Instagram after Grande’s fans criticized him over a comment about her grandfather. “It makes me feel weird about myself,” he told Stern, referring to social media. “It’s just like, well, what did you expect? Whenever I think of something, or whenever I post something I like and then people just shit all over it, you’re asking for it...If you want to find bad stuff about yourself you can very easily. I want to beat everybody up, but I can’t.”

Davidson isn’t alone in his qualms with social media. Kanye West has been criticizing various platforms recently for their negative impact on mental health. Coincidentally, Ye will be this season’s first musical guest on SNL’s 44th premiere this weekend.  

But despite the online hate, Davidson is ready to marry his pop superstar girlfriend sometime in 2019. "Some people are meant to be together and some people aren't, even if they're good people, some people are not good in relationships together," he said. "And I just think we're supposed to be together."

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